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Richard III In Memoriam

So. Farewell Dick.

They’re queuing up

5000 of them or more

To pass by your bones

In Leicester Cathedral.

Do they come for you

Or just for a chance to be on telly?

But this reburial is better

Than finding yourself

Scrunched up under

A municipal car park.

You lost your horse

At Bosworth Field

But ended up

Under a Ford Fiesta.

A bit ignominious.

I remember you

In flickering black and white film

We watched at school

With Laurence Olivier


Now no-one can think of you

And not hear Olivier’s rasping tones

And see his humpback

In black swishing cloak.

Keith’s Mum says you were a villain

A child murderer of princes

A bully.

Now they’re trying to say

You were a hero, a warrior king.

Is this a whitewash

As laundered as the white roses

Scattered on your coffin?

Or were you really a man

Of scheme and skulduggery?Not even Mr Jones who

Teaches history to Year 6

Will ever be sure about you


(apologies to E.J. Thribb 17 1/2 )

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