Welcome to Baby Boomer Poetry They call me a Baby Boomer, child of the post-war, bomb-sites and ration-books, of Clark’s shoes and grey school knickers, gobstoppers, black and white telly...

Scan0006I would like to share with you some of the experiences of my life written in poetry and prose. I enjoy writing poetry that tells a personal story but sets events within a socio-political background. I hope you enjoy this collection .

I suspect the poems will resonate with many people born in or around the period just post-World War II.  I hope the experiences described will also enlighten other generations to some of the historical context in which the baby boomers have lived. Today’s life gains perspective when seen within the longer timeline of history.

The 60s was an amazing time but not without its negative moments – the apocalyptic threat of nuclear war being one of them. The 70s were tougher than people remember, with the three day week, strikes and economic decline but on the whole I would count myself fortunate to have lived in this period of peace and global integration.

Walking on sunshine, summer of 1965

A lazy Sunday afternoon
a bloom of girls,
mellow yellow on the warm green lawn,
weave daisy chains of hope
and blow dreams in the wind
as the boys preen for the gig.

Not a pretty sound,
not the kind the neighbours liked:
a howl of
‘Gloria’ shattering neat gardens
across suburban etiquette,
not the Gloria by Vivaldi,
nor any sacred song to an attuned ear;
just a day for a daydream
in the summertime of ‘65,
still sacred in its way.